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It won’t always be obvious, but mathematics is everywhere, behind the scenes and impacting our daily lives. In our technology and finance-driven world, it is fundamental to the research and development within a huge range of industries.

Designed around its practical applications, our courses in mathematics will develop your knowledge and enhance your problem-solving skills, giving you the experience to take into industry. Take your first step in this universal field and see where maths could take you.

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Many of civilisation’s greatest achievements are built on mathematics. By choosing a mathematics degree, you will learn to make an important contribution to the world around us, be it in science, technology or engineering.

Explore BSc (Hons) Mathematics

Explore BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Foundation Year

Financial Mathematics

‘Big data’ is revolutionising global competitive markets. Choosing a financial mathematics degree at Salford is your first step towards an exciting career using your skills in the next-generation of banking and commodities, and emerging Fintech industries.

Explore BSc (Hons) Financial Mathematics

Explore BSc (Hons) Financial Mathematics with Foundation Year