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Reclaiming the 'Social' in Digital Society

Date - Fri 7 Jun 2019

Time - 11.00 am

Cost - Free

Disabled access? - Yes

Venue - Room 103, Peel Building, Salford M5 4WX


This is is a conference which brings esteemed scholars from across the UK to discuss forms of organising society in the digital age.

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‘The social’, declared dead not long ago, has today become big business. A privileged site for value extraction, the social is algorithmically produced and reproduced by digital platforms. But the social is also a privileged research object for the social sciences, which have tended to accept a notion of it which is simultaneously tributary, a mere effect, of commercial practices, and considerably dissolved, because extended, together with agency, to practically all sorts of objects.

The social to be reclaimed in this symposium coincides neither with that of the big digital corporations nor with the one whose end was loudly proclaimed two decades ago. Indeed, do not the social and cultural sciences, particularly sociology, need to conceive of a much more fundamental and consequential notion of the social, one attentive to the ways in which society is being organised in and through the digital? 


Confirmed keynote speakers:

·       Celia Lury (Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick):
‘The Default Social and the Obviation of Agency’

·       Athina Karatzogianni (Media & Communication, University of Leicester):
‘The Price of Speaking Out for Civil Society and Investigative Journalism: Trolling and Disinformation Architectures in the Indian Elections’

·       Mark Carrigan (Digital Platforms, University of Cambridge):
‘Defending the Social: Platform Capitalism and the Future of Higher Eduacation’

·       Mark Coté (Digital Cultures, Kings College London):
‘Seeing Possible States: Machine Learning the Granular Social’


Discussions will be chaired by:

Carlos Frade (Sociology, University of Salford) and Tom Redshaw (Digital Society, University of Salford).


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