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Negative Space

Date - Thu 17 Oct 2019

Time - 7.30 pm

Duration - 1 day and 1 hour

Cost - £12/£8/£5

Disabled access? - Yes

Venue - New Adelphi Theatre


The landmark theatre performance by Reckless Sleepers returns for its final two shows!

Event details

In 2014, Reckless Sleepers started putting the pieces of Negative Space together. We built a wooden frame and lined it with plasterboard and for several weeks started smashing up, smashing down, and then piecing the fragments of our destruction into creating our new theatre project making what we now call Negative Space.

A sister project to Schrödinger we opened up this black box world turning it upside down and the wrong way round, broke all of the rules that we had spent years establishing and made something new.
The stage is a blank canvas, occupied only by one chair, one man and one woman desperately setting the stage. But it grows. And it Grows. Until it becomes something so fantastical that you barely believe it’s happening. It’s a love story. It’s a slapstick comedy. It’s a slasher, an action, a melodrama and not a single word is spoken throughout. Soon all these different stories are spiralling around each other before they start smashing towards the project’s conclusion and it is Intense.

‘This show makes confetti of convention.’ - Elliot Garlic
‘To say I was on the edge of my seat the entire time is an understatement. Reckless Sleepers have set the bar very high with their latest project and have left each audience member desperate for more. ‘ - Hannah Whiston

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