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Ethics and Research Governance

Research Governance

The University of Salford is committed to excellent research with impact, conducted to the highest standards of research integrity. The University is a signatory to the HEFCE Concordat to Support Research Integrity, and our procedures and processes are intended to embed integrity and ethical conduct into all our research practices.

Researchers are responsible for the professional conduct and publication of their research, for the work of colleagues and students under their direction, and for the reporting of suspected conflicts of interest, poor practice or potential misconduct. Researchers should be aware of, and adhere to, current good practice and any statutory obligations relating to their research area. The University’s Research Code of Practice has been developed to promote good conduct at all stages of the research process and to ensure that research is of the highest quality. The Academic Ethics Policy underpins the conduct of the University’s academic activities to ensure these activities are conducted to the highest ethical standards. Further guidance can be found in the Good Practice in Authorship of Research Publications User Guide.

The Research Code of Practice outlines activities and behaviours which may constitute research misconduct and the University’s Policy and Procedure for Dealing with Allegations of Misconduct in Research provides detail of the processes and procedures for reporting and investigating allegations of misconduct.

Overall responsibility for research integrity, governance and ethics sits with the Deputy Vice Chancellor. Any questions around research integrity may be addressed in the first instance to Dr Jo Cresswell, Associate Director Research. Dr Cresswell is also the Named Person for reporting allegations of misconduct in research. Allegations of research misconduct should be sent in writing, with all available evidence, to:

We can report that during 2018/19 (year to date) the University has received 3 allegations of research misconduct:

  • One was resolved through at the informal investigation stage with no case to answer
  • One progressed to formal investigation however the allegation was not upheld
  • One is in progress and currently at the informal investigation stage

The University’s Whistle Blowing Policy allows staff to raise concerns about actions or behaviour when, owing to the nature or severity of the issue, it would be inappropriate to use normal channels. The Whistleblowing reporting line is to either the University Secretary on ext. 56428 or to the independent external hotline (Expolink) on 0800 374 199.