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See below for advice on travel and ticket options to and from the University for staff and students.

For journey planning for all public transport options please use Traveline North West.

For information on how to get to the University please see our Find Us page.

Also please consider whether you need to travel. There are many desktop and mobile applications to facilitate video conferencing with guidance provided by IT Services - telephony as well as Blackboard Collaborate and our ThinkLab.

For Business Travel see the Travel Office.

Season Tickets

Season tickets are available to purchase for each mode of transport (tram, bus or train) and System One Travelcards offer a range of tickets if you need to combined bus and train travel. They offer 1, 7 and 28-day tickets as well as annual season tickets.

The University of Salford operates a loan scheme for staff who would like to purchase a season ticket to travel to and from work by bus, tram or train. The employee purchases the ticket and applies for a loan to cover the full cost, which is then recovered through salary deduction over a period of up to 12 months. Please see the terms and conditions and details of how to apply at the Finance Department webpages.


If you live within two miles of the University, walking is a great way to travel here as it will help keep you fit, benefit the environment and is of course, free!

For those who travel here by other means, it can still be incorporated into your day, such as walking between buildings or to and from the train station or bus stop. All of these short trips will boost health and fitness, burn calories and reduce the carbon we produce from travel

Walk-it is a free urban walking route planner which covers a number of cities including Salford and Manchester.

See an example of a short 15 minute route around the park provided by


Cycle Parking and Storage

There are around 400 spaces to park bicycles across all of the University campuses. The majority are contained within secure shelters. To gain access, just go to Maxwell or Allerton receptions where your student or staff ID card will be activated.

Cycle Parking

  • Acton Square – Sheffield stands
  • Clifford Whitworth – access-controlled storage facility
  • Crescent House (rear) – access-controlled storage facility
  • Humphrey Booth House – Sheffield stands
  • Mary Seacole – access-controlled storage facility
  • Maxwell (well) – covered storage facility
  • New Adelphi - access-controlled storage facility
  • Newton - access-controlled storage facility
  • Peel building - access-controlled storage facility
  • Technology House – Sheffield stands
  • Sports Centre – access-controlled storage facility


  • Maxwell Hall (access next to cycle parking in Maxwell well)
  • Crescent House basement
  • Sports Centre
  • The New Adelphi
  • Allerton building (behind Sports Hall, 1st floor)
  • Mary Seacole ground floor (female G39, male G40)  

Cycle Security and Safety

Unfortunately, cycle theft is a problem around campus but the University are working with the Greater Manchester Police to tackle the issue and reduce the likelihood of theft occurring.

The Sports Centre sell Gold Standard D locks at a subsidised price of £15.00. For more information, just call 0161 295 5060.

There are ways in which you can reduce the chances of having your bike stolen. The LondonCycling Campaign provides some excellent tips on reducing the possibility of your bike being stolen as well as what to do if the worst does happen.

Check out these videos to see how to lock your bike and how not to lock your bike.

The Direct.Gov website presents an excellent array of advice and information on staying safe while in the saddle: - Cycling Safely.

The Highway Code is essential reading for all cyclists who plan on riding on roads. The cycling section here will help you familiarise yourself with the rules of the road and help you stay safe. The Highway Code - Rules for cyclists

Cycle routes and training

Plan your local cycling route and other local info at Cycle GM.

Transport for Greater Manchester offer free cycle training across Greater Manchester for beginners through to experienced cyclists and those returning to the saddle after a few years.

Full information about free cycle training...

Cycle to Work Scheme (BenefitsPlus)

The University offers the opportunity for staff to obtain a bicycle through Cycle to Work scheme, allowing savings to be made on the purchase of a bicycle. The scheme provides staff with the use of a bike and safety equipment on the agreement that the employee then repays the cost over a 12-month period. The scheme is available to apply for throughout the year.

There is also a financial incentive as the initiative is an HM Revenue and Customs-approved salary sacrifice scheme, meaning there are significant tax and National Insurance savings available.

The scheme is offered through the Ride 2 Work scheme with with staff able to purchase a bike from Evans Cycles.

To apply see the BenefitsPlus Salary Sacrifice scheme for Cycle To Work or contact Payroll on 54193 or via

Bus Travel

The University is well served by numerous high frequency bus routes that predominantly stop along the A6/Crescent.

Check out the Route Explorer from TfGM.


City Connect 50 is a new service linking Manchester and Salford that has replaced the Salford Quayslink service.

City Connect 50 is an extension of the existing 50 service from East Didsbury to Manchester city centre. It now additionally serves Salford Central train station, Chapel Street, the University of Salford, Salford Crescent, Salford Shopping Centre and terminates at MediaCityUK and Salford Quays.

University of Salford staff and students can travel for free on the 50 between Adelphi Street/Oldfield Road and MediaCityUK on production of a valid ID card.

(Any travel on the service beyond this is chargeable and you must be in possession of a valid ticket or be liable for a £50 penalty fare.)

The service operates:

  • Monday to Saturday daytime - every 10 minutes
  • Monday to Saturday evening - every 15 minutes
  • Sunday daytime - every 15 minutes
  • Sunday evening - every 20 minutes

See City Connect 50 route information and timetable.

Season Ticket Scheme

The University of Salford operates a loan scheme for staff who would like to purchase a season ticket to travel to and from work by bus, tram or train. The employee purchases the ticket and applies for a loan to cover the full cost, which is then recovered through salary deduction over a period of up to 12 months.

Please see the Season Ticket Loan Scheme section at the Pay and Pensions website.


The University benefits from excellent rail links as Salford Crescent station is located between the Peel Park and Frederick Road campuses. For For information about the accessibility of Salford Crescent Station please visit our partner disabledGO.

Services to Manchester central stations are very frequent and take less than 10 minutes, passengers can then connect to services across the country.

There are also direct services to local destinations such as Bolton, Preston, Blackburn, Wigan, Blackpool as well as Manchester Airport.

Save 1/3 off rail travel with a 16-25 railcard

Although there is a minimum fare of £12 if used before 10am, a 16-25 Railcard can save you money if you attend university after this time or on weekend trips home.

  • The railcard costs £30 and it will save you 1/3 on rail fares throughout Great Britain for a whole year, or for £70 you can get a 3 year railcard.
  • You can save 1/3 on Standard Anytime and Off-Peak fares, as well as Standard Advance and First Class Advance fares. 
  • You're eligible if you're aged between 16-25, or over the age of 25 and in full-time education.

Full information on the 16-25 railcard

Northern Rail Corporate Season Ticket Scheme

The University offers staff an annual season ticket through the Northern Rail Corporate Season Ticket Scheme, with the full cost of the ticket being recovered through salary payments over a period of up to 9 months.

The price is based on 40 weeks’ commuting, which potentially offers up to 12 weeks’ free travel per year, including weekends and is valid on all trains (not just Northern services) between two chosen stations, such as your home and Salford Crescent.

To apply for an Annual Season Ticket for rail travel please see the form at the Season Ticket Loan Scheme section at the Pay and Pensions website.

It is important that you read the terms and conditions of use before signing the mandate authorising the Payroll Section to recover the loan from your salary payments.


The Greater Manchester Metrolink tram network spans the city, with lines from Bury to Altrincham and from Manchester city centre to Eccles.

Our exciting new campus at MediaCityUK has a Metrolink tram stop directly outside the main entrance making it extremely convenient to travel there by tram. Direct services to Eccles and Manchester city centre are available from the MediaCityUK stop. Those travelling to Bury, Altrincham, Chorlton or Didsbury should change at Cornbrook.

The MediaCityUK site is also well served by the City Connect 50 service which is FREE for staff and students between MediaCityUK and the main University campus.

Season Tickets

Metrolink is offering University of Salford employees a 10% discount off the price of an annual season ticket. An annual season ticket not only saves you time and money but also provides unlimited travel between two chosen stops on weekdays and weekends. No more queuing to buy tickets - a season ticket can be used as many times as you like for work or leisure.

The University of Salford also operates a loan scheme for staff who would like to purchase a season ticket to travel to and from work by bus, tram or train. The employee purchases the ticket and applies for a loan to cover the full cost, which is then recovered through salary deduction over a period of up to 12 months.

Please see the Metrolink Season Ticket Offer information at the Season Ticket Loan Scheme section of the Pay and Pensions website.

Car sharing

Car sharing aims to make to make better use of these empty seats, allowing people to benefit from the convenience of a car while helping to reduce the associated problems of congestion and pollution.

The University of Salford car sharing scheme has been launched in partnership with Car Share GM (a locally developed car sharing website for Greater Manchester) to help staff and students find suitable matches to car share with.

Car Share GM

The University of Salford has a private group on Car Share GM. This partnership working increases your chances of a match and only staff/students from the University can sign up.

It's up to you who to decide to share with and no personal details are divulged without your say so. Could you share your journey to University, maybe just once a week?

Car Parking

All car parking on the University Campus is payable. For further information see the Car Parking pages.

There are ChargeYourCar electric vehicle charging points located in the following areas around campus:

  • Irwell Place car park
  • Crescent House lay by
  • Allerton car park
  • Newton car park

Check local parking restrictions as they have charging/parking time limits. 

For information on how to use the charging points and set up an account visit the ChargeYourCar site.