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Tree Walk

The Salford Arboretum

The University is fortunate in that it is surrounded by acres of greenery. One of its main attractions is the amount and diversity of trees on our campus. This following tree walk is a brief tour of some of the most popular and stunning trees on Peel Campus starting at the SouthWest corner of Peel Park, and explores the trees folklore, superstitions and heritage. The information has been gathered by Oliver Bishop and presented in his dissertation.       


When I sit under a green tree, 

Silent, and breathing all the while 

As easy as a sleeping child,      

And smiling with a soft a smile –       

Then, as my brains begin to work,   

This is the thought that comes to me:    

Were such a peace more often mine,   

I’d live as long as the green tree.     

W.H.Davies (1916)

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