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Information for staff

Why get involved?

  • Taking part is free and fun
  • It’s really sociable and a great way to get to know colleagues better, developing teamwork within your area
  • Opportunity to showcase your department across campus
  • Professional development for staff Green Impact team leads
  • Help reduce the negative impacts the University has on the environment, and increase the positives
  • The opportunity to save carbon, natural resources and money (at work or at home!)
  • Recognition for environmental actions you already complete
  • It gives you a framework for encouraging your colleagues to think about sustainability
  • To be part of a nationwide UNESCO award winning scheme
  • Providing student opportunities; students volunteering as Green Impact Auditors are able to develop important employability skills and gain work experience
  • Green Impact makes the University more integrated and encourages departments to get out of their silos and share ideas and knowledge


You will be supported by Neva, our Environmental Management Coordinator, who you can contact if you have any questions or issues. Neva will send out newsletters, provide you with useful resources, run drop-in sessions and can come and meet with your teams. 

There is a video, help page and user guide to assist you with using the toolkit and the NUS has an online resource bank. We also have a Padlet site where teams can discuss actions and share resources with each other.

How to get involved

  1. Start up a Green Impact Team in your department, floor or building, or join an existing Green Impact team
  2. All team members sign in/register by visiting
  3. Meet with your team and make a plan 
  4. Start completing actions in the toolkit, and projects if you wish
  5. Keep in touch! 

If you want to get involved or just want some more information, please contact:

Neva Mowl, 0161 295 4233