E-Bike Hire Scheme

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Commuting is changing. We are offering you more active travel options. E-bike Hire is the first one, to encourage more people to try cycling to work.

E-Bike hire

If you have never tried an e-bike before, this is your chance to give one a go. Electric assist pedal bikes give you extra power when you need it, allowing:

  • longer cycle trips
  • smoother active journeys

In partnership with Manchester Bike Hire, University of Salford is launching an E-Bike Hire Scheme for staff.

How it works

The scheme will allow you

  • To hire a new E-bike from Manchester Bike Hire.
  • To try an E-Bike for up to 4 weeks, for free (Yes, free!).
  • Have a package deal which includes locks, lights, helmet (if requested) plus full support & maintenance.

After the free trial

After your 4 weeks you can…

  • Rent - Carry on renting the bike and equipment at £15 per week, or less for longer hires (less than the cost of a weekly bus ticket)
  • Buy - Purchase your own bike, take interest-free credit or using our Cycle to Work Scheme through Manchester Bike Hire.
  • Return - Hand your E-Bike and equipment back, without further cost or penalty.

The Scheme is being managed by Manchester Bike Hire on our behalf. It will be available on a first come, first served basis. When you sign up, you will receive more information about insurance, contact-free handover, overnight storage, locking your E-Bike up securely and how to report any problems to Manchester Bike Hire.

For more information, please register your interest through this form.

If you have any questions about the E-Bike Hire Scheme, please contact Bec Bennett - Head of Environmental Sustainability / Estates and Facilities. Please note this scheme is for staff only.