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School of Environment and Life Sciences

Dig Greater Manchester

Running from 2011 to 2016, Dig Greater Manchester was one of the largest 21st century community archaeology DGM volunteerprojects in Britain. Designed to open access to archaeology in communities and groups who haven’t been involved with archaeology before, it involved over 1400 volunteers and 3400 school children. In total there were 11 evaluation excavations and 2 flag ship excavations, 110 skills-based workshops, 55 lectures and 2 conferences (and a host of publications forthcoming).

Part of the legacy of this project was the Dig Greater Manchester Archaeology Festival, held for the first time in June 2017 and organised by the University of Salford with the support of the Greater Manchester Archaeology Federation. Spread across four days it involved 19 events, 16 local societies and one local museum. The project explored the significance and practice of community archaeology, the health and wellbeing impact of archaeology, and the archaeology of industrialisation - in future years there will be opportunities for undergraduate archaeology and geography students to take part in projects around this festival.