Engineering Postgraduate Study

A robotics student working on a project

The global pandemic has accelerated societal change. Innovations such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics will make changes to our everyday lives sooner than predicted. Now is the time to enhance your knowledge and skills with a postgraduate degree.

An engineering centre since 1896, the University of Salford has a range of industry-focused engineering and robotics postgraduate courses that can take you further.  So, if you are looking to advance your career, or take a new direction into engineering and robotics, see how we can help you achieve your goals.


A postgraduate degree with Salford is a rewarding investment in your future.

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Engineering and Robotics Postgraduate Courses

A robotics student working on a project

Engineering is in Salford’s DNA.

Through our pioneering research agenda, we’ve developed a range of specialist postgraduate engineering courses in aviation, energy, robotics, structures and transport. Every course is designed to provide switched-on graduates and professionals with the knowledge and skills to engineer innovative solutions.

Featuring professionally-accredited curriculums, and flexible learning pathways, our engineering and robotics postgraduate courses are led by programme teams who are part of professional and research communities throughout the UK and beyond.

Engineering and robotics postgraduate courses at Salford

Advanced Control Systems (MSc)

Automated drawing robot
  • Gain a critical awareness and understanding of current problems in control engineering
  • Learn to manage complex issues, and communicate conclusions clearly to specialist and non-specialists
  • Available with full and part-time study pathways, with start dates in January and September

Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design (MSc)

A robotics student working on a project
  • Gain specialist knowledge in mechatronics, robotics and automation, artificial intelligence and energy utilisation
  • Learn about computational methods and packages in mechanical engineering analysis design to solve complex challenges
  • Available with full and part-time study pathways, with start dates in January and September

Aerospace Engineering (MSc)

Aircraft pilots
  • Gain critical thinking skills to make informed decisions on the design, development and manufacture of the next-generation craft and equipment
  • Enhance your understanding of aerodynamics, system design and flight control
  • Benefit from an expert teaching team, supported by strong connections within the aviation industry

Petroleum and Gas Engineering (MSc)

A gas pipeline
  • Learn management and scientific decision-making and problem-solving as you explore gas and oil exploration, drilling, production and delivery
  • Enhance your career prospects in the oil and gas industries as you build knowledge about the distribution and transmission of oil and gas
  • Available with full and part-time study pathways, with start dates in January and September

Robotics and Automation (MSc)

  • Critically review current autonomous intelligent robots as you build your understanding of control engineering and intelligent systems concepts
  • Learn to apply techniques including fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks and evolutionary computing
  • Available with full and part-time study pathways, with start dates in January and September

Sustainable Air Transport operations and Planning (MSc)

An airplane
  • Build analytical skills and practical techniques needed to identify challenges and find solutions to facilitate sustainable growth of air transport
  • Improve your skills in research, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and time management
  • Benefit from expert teaching staff with extensive experience and connections within the aviation industry

Structural Engineering (MSc)

  • Follow a professionally-accredited programme as you develop the skills and knowledge to tackle the challenges of contemporary structural engineering
  • Learn from IStructE award-winning academics as you explore how technology is driving change in building design and construction practice
  • Available with full and part-time study pathways, with start dates in January and September

Transport Engineering and Planning (MSc)

Manchester Tram
  • Explore how planning, engineering, environmental science and modelling work combine
  • Receive training on a wide range of transport specific software as you learn to develop solutions to support transport and planning policy
  • Benefit from strong, long-standing connections with transport industry partners across the UK and Europe

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