Mechanical Engineering at Salford

Look around you. The buildings we inhabit; the journeys we make; the way we work - engineers make all of this happen. But right now, engineers are in short supply - we need more talented professionals to harness the power of robotics and automation, to revitalise our mobility and to help us reduce our impact on the planet. 

The University of Salford was established to shape skills for the Industrial Revolution. Today, we remain at the heart of providing industry with talented individuals with the imagination and capability to engineer solutions.

Through our specialised programmes, our connections with industry and our blend of advanced knowledge with real-world relevance, we can offer you degree courses to can help you become an unstoppable engineer.

Undergraduate Engineering Courses

Civil engineering students

Engineering is in Salford’s DNA.

We offer specialist undergraduate courses in aeronautical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, that can equip you with the skills, knowledge and real-world awareness to design solutions to shape our future.

Postgraduate Engineering Courses

A robotics student working on a project

The University of Salford is designed to take your engineering skills further. We nurture postgraduates with high academic ability, who think strategically, have industry focus, and hold a global perspective.

Through our award-winning lecturers, world-class facilities and research-led teaching, our postgraduate degree courses shape highly-employable engineers, ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.