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Digital IT


Basic Voicemail Functionality

Voicemail functionality is provided as standard for each telephone account/extension within the University; however, its use may not be appropriate in all circumstances. Typical usage of voicemail is where incoming calls are diverted to a voicemail ‘inbox’ instead of being presented to the phone, or where calls presented to the phone, but not answered within a given period, are then diverted to the voicemail inbox. At the point where a call is diverted to the inbox, the caller is invited to record a message.

A detailed voicemail user guide is available in the Telephony User Guide Library. This includes an explanation of how to enable or completely disable voicemail on your extension.


By request via Digital IT, a feature can be added to your voicemail functionality whereby every voicemail landing in your voicemail inbox is also delivered to your staff email inbox as an email with an audio file attachment. Note that deleting the e-mail version of your voicemail doesn’t cause it to be deleted from your voicemail inbox.

If you forget your voicemail PIN code or your voicemail account becomes locked, see help and support.