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Digital IT

Staff Directory, Corporate Directory and Caller Identity

Staff Directory

This is a public online directory, located at It comprises entries for individual staff members, along with those for University business functions (e.g., ‘Reception – Maxwell Building’).

There is a designated representative from each university department who is responsible for maintaining entries for all members and functions within their department. To find out who your department’s representative is, select the ‘Your Administrator’ link from the (left) navigation panel on the staff directory home page.

If the responsibility for Staff Directory administration is changing within in your department, please ensure someone contacts Digital IT to arrange a transfer of administrator access.

Corporate Directory

As an alternative to using the Staff Directory, callers can use the built-in Corporate Directory feature* on an IP phone to search for the person by name. Whenever a new extension is created, the name of the person or function to which it is allocated, is included in the Corporate Directory. Please contact Digital IT if you find your entry in the Corporate Directory needs amending.

* For details, refer to the appropriate user guide for your model of IP phone.

Caller Identity

When an extension owner is logged in to an IP phone, the name of the owner (which may be an individual or a business function) is shown on the phone’s display screen. If an internal call is placed from the same phone, then this extension owner’s name is shown on the display screen of the phone that is receiving the call. This name is known as the ‘Caller Identity’. This name is not taken from either the Staff Directory or the Corporate Directory, therefore if you find the Caller Identity is incorrect for your extension, please contact Digital IT.