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Digital IT

Mobile phones for staff

The University provides mobile phones to staff who require them, in partnership with EE.

Available Phone Type: The phone handset currently supplied is the Sony Xperia XA .

Standard Package:

  • 3,000 UK landline call minutes per user per month; 
  • 3,000 UK mobile call minutes per user per month; 
  • 3,000 text messages per user per month to UK destinations; 
  • up to 300 different numbers dialled in a month. 0800/0808/0500 numbers are included, but other premium rate or special numbers are excluded; 
  • 2GB data per month. 
  • All mobile phones are supplied on a 2-year contract; early termination will incur charges.

Acquiring: Submit a Telephony Request Form via Digital IT. Note, the intended user of a mobile phone must have signed the University’s Mobile Device Policy before a handset can be ordered.

Package Extensions: If you need to use a mobile phone outside of the standard package parameters, ensure you email the Finance Team for advice, either when you initially request the phone, or as soon as you become aware of your additional requirement.

Unwanted mobile phone handsets: Please inform Digital IT if you have any surplus handsets. Although contract termination charges will apply for handsets that are still in-contract, the cost will be less than that of maintaining an unused contract. Also, returning unused hardware allows it to be re-used or recycled.

Charges: See below Charges and department billing

To get assistance in relation to a University-issued mobile phone handset:

Contact EE on 07973 100158.

To enquire about extending a mobile phone package (e.g., to include roaming and non-UK call destinations):

Email the Finance Team