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Extension mobility - Logging-in to an IP phone

The University’s telephone system is based around ‘extension mobility’. 

With this type of system, every person or business function requiring an extension number must have a telephone account. 

A specific extension number is directly associated with each telephone account; however, the telephone account/extension number is not inextricably tied to any physical phone. Instead, when an accountholder wishes to tie their account/extension number to a specific, physical phone, they need to login to that phone using their general login username (e.g., UIS999) and a PIN code (which is 12345 by default). 

To break the tie between an account/extension and a physical phone, it is necessary to logout of the relevant phone.

For details of how to login and logout, see the Telephone System Quick Start Guide for your model of IP phone.

If you forget your phone login PIN code, see help and support