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Digital IT

Help and support; reporting faults

To get assistance in relation to a University-issued mobile phone handset:

Contact EE on 07973 100158.

To enquire about extending a mobile phone package (e.g., to include roaming and non-UK call destinations):

Email the Finance Team


  • Reset your extension mobility PIN code (used to login to an IP phone);
  • Set or amend call forwarding for an extension;
  • Set or amend speed dial settings for an extension:

Login to the Self Care Portal (on-campus only - use your general login username/password):


  • Request a reset of your voicemail PIN code;
  • Request that your voicemail account be unlocked;*
  • Report a fault/problem;
  • Get any other assistance:

Contact Digital IT or consult the Telephony User Guide Library.

*Having become locked, a voicemail account automatically unlocks within thirty minutes.