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Digital IT

Conference facilities

The University’s IP phone system provides two types of conference facility; these are explained in detail in the Conference Call Guide within the Telephony User Guide Library. Note that you will require a 'conference' type of phone handset (typically 7940/7960/8841) to be able to use this feature. If you have a scheduled conference you may request the temporary use of a conference IP phone.  Please contact Digital IT for any information regarding this.

Ad hoc conferencing: You can quickly and easily set this type of conference up yourself, by placing a call (internal or external) in the usual way, then by dialling further internal or external numbers and adding them to the conference. With this feature, the person starting the conference call must call all the other participants: participants cannot dial in to the conference. An ad hoc conference can include up to four participants.

Meet-me conferencing: With this feature, all participants—internal or external to the University—call one of a range of available conference numbers (or Meet Me numbers) to join a conference. To use this feature, you need to book a Meet Me Number via Digital IT. When you book, you need to specify the time slot during which your conference will take place; you will then be committed to that time slot. We recommend that you book a Meet Me number at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled conference call. Up to eight participants (external or internal) can join a Meet-me conference call.

Because there is no requirement for a PIN code when joining, a Meet-me conference should be considered insecure.