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Digital IT

Requesting IT Equipment

To facilitate efficient and effective progression of IT equipment purchasing requests,  IT Finance have a standard process in place for handling all requests with associated procedures and responsibilities as defined below.

Stage 1

All requests for procurement of IT equipment and services must be made using the appropriate IT Purchasing Request Form available from Digital IT Servicedesk. The information collected on the form facilitates the review procedure and provides delivery information for suppliers. Therefore, all relevant sections must be completed.

Stage 2

Once you’ve submitted a request through My IT Desk, a unique case will be created and the reference number emailed to you.

The case reference number must be quoted in all correspondences relating to the request.

Stage 3

If the request is for non standard equipment or services it will be reviewed by Digital IT and where necessary other specialists.

Digital IT may contact the recipient for further information/clarification to facilitate the review procedure. All communications will be made directly with the recipient via My IT Desk. Requests for further information/clarification must be satisfied promptly and completely. They will make reasonable attempts to obtain the necessary responses. However, any continued lack of response will result in requests being terminated.

Digital IT will inform the recipient as to the outcome of the review process via My IT Desk.

If the request is not approved the reasoning behind this decision will be provided. The case will be closed shortly after this.

Stage 4

If the request has been approved the IT Finance Officer will create and send a purchase order to the supplier using the budget code provided.

The IT Finance Officer will notify the recipient when the purchase order is sent and provide an estimated delivery time. Recipients will be notified of any changes to delivery times if these are received from suppliers.

Stage 5

Most orders are delivered direct to Digital IT, who will arrange the deployment of the your order. The IT Finance Officer will arrange payment of the invoice.

If your order is delivered to yourself, please notify the Digital IT Servicedesk as soon as possible as suppliers will not be paid until this confirmation is received. Non/late payment of invoices can lead to suppliers withholding equipment/services; therefore prompt confirmation of delivery is requested.

Stage 6

The request will be resolved once your order has been delivered. The case will be closed 5 days after this.