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Office365 Privacy

Where is my data stored?

The University has contracted the supply of the Office 365 and student email system (Outlook Live) to Microsoft. Your data is located in Microsoft's data centre premises in Dublin, Ireland, rather than on University premises. Any data in your SkyDrive and Mailbox (including your emails, calendar entries and contacts) are stored there.

Would Microsoft ever move my data outside of the Dublin Data Centre?

Ordinarily, no. However, if there were any issues with the continuity and availability of the service, Microsoft reserve the right to temporarily operate the service from another location if needs be. Contractually Microsoft abide by the EU Safe Harbor Agreement.

Who manages the student email service?

The University IT Services division provide general support for the system. Any queries about the service should be directed to the University Service Desk. Please contact the Service Desk. Maintenance and some support activities are conducted by Microsoft as part of the contract.

Who provides support for the service?

You should always contact the University IT Service Desk for any questions you have about using the service rather than attempting to raise an enquiry with Microsoft directly. If the Service Desk cannot resolve the issue with IT Services colleagues, the Service Desk team will escalate it to Microsoft. This would not involve any personal information about you being passed to Microsoft.

Who can access my email data?

Maintaining the privacy of your data is important to the University. Access to any mailbox data is strictly controlled and limited. IT Services may only monitor emails in line with the University Acceptable Use Policy. Microsoft employees are involved in general operations such as system monitoring and maintenance. Access to contents of your Outlook Live mailbox is provided only in response to a demand by law enforcement agencies. You can also protect your email see How do I keep my email secure?

The service is hosted within the EU and hence is governed by applicable UK and EU laws concerning data protection and privacy.

Who else uses the service?

Whilst many educational institutions across the world make use of Microsoft's Outlook live service, the University of Salford’s Student Email service is unique to University of Salford registered students. Email addresses are only visible to other University of Salford students who are registered on the service. Staff and other members of the University will be able to view and send to student Email addresses.

Is any personal information about me stored by Microsoft?

When you are registered as a user of Outlook Live by the University, a mailbox and an email address (which will consist of your initials and last name) are created for you. However no additional personal information about you is provided to Microsoft or any other third party as part of this process. When you first access the service you are required to enter location details.

The University of Salford and Microsoft recommend that you enter the University address, rather than your home address or term-time study address.

Your sent and received emails may contain personal data, depending on your email communications.

What messages will I be sent?

The student email service is the University's primary form of communication with you. This covers communications for study, accommodation and other support functions provided by or on behalf of the University of Salford. Microsoft as supplier of the Student Email service may send you emails with hints and tips about how to use Student email and may inform you of other services they offer which may be of interest to you.

Do I enter into a Terms of Use Agreement with Microsoft?

No, As a student at the University, you are not required to enter into an agreement with Microsoft for the student email service. Your use of student email is governed by the University's Acceptable Use Policy and related policies which you will have agreed to as part of the registration process. The University has a contract with Microsoft for the use and operation of the student email service.

What if I want to use other Windows Live services, in addition to Outlook Live?

The University offers Outlook Live as its student email service. However, the Live ID also gives you access to 'consumer services' which are part of the wider Windows Live Service offered by Microsoft. The University does not provide these services as part of its contract with Microsoft. However as a student you can choose to access these services via Microsoft's Windows Live site using the same Windows Live ID as provided by the University for Outlook Live.

Note also that any data you submit and store as part of these services could be stored outside of the EU. The University does not require that you use these additional services nor does it specifically endorse them for academic use.

How do I keep my email secure?

Never reply to any emails requesting your password, no matter how threatening or worrying the request seems to be. Do not share your passwords with anyone else.

The University IT Service Desk will never ask for your password by email. If you think your email password has been compromised, change it immediately while logged in to Outlook Live or attend the Library Service Desk with your ID card.

Is there anything I can't do when using the email system?

You are responsible for all activity carried out using your network username or student email address. The University Acceptable Use Policy applies to all students and staff and specifies acceptable and prohibited ICT activity. A summary of the Student AUP Code of Practice is also available.

I am worried about my personal profile?

User profiles are a central feature of social networking features within Office 365, and so you should not update your profile with any personal details that you do not wish to be publically available.