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Current Registered Students

All current University of Salford registered students have access  to the following cloud-based Office365 core applications via internet/browser:

  • Outlook Web App - email, Calendar/Meetings, Contacts, Task Manager (50GB total space available for storage of emails, appointments, tasks, etc., including mail  inbox).
    Comparison with other Microsoft Outlook products
  • Office  Online - online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. These offer reduced functionality when compared with the full, installable versions of the  Microsoft Office applications.
    Comparison with full-featured Office Products
  • OneDrive - 1  terabyte of personal file storage.                                            
  • Newsfeed - allows  the user to follow/converse with other Salford students.                                            
  • Office365  Video - a portal where Users can post and view video content.                                            
  • Office  Delve - helps the User to discover shared Office365 documents that are likely  to be of interest to them personally, based on the way they work.                                            

In addition:

  • Current students are licensed to download, install and use the full  Microsoft Office Application Suite - Microsoft  Office ProPlus - on their personal Windows PCs/laptops, and various subsets  of the Application Suite on MACs and mobile devices*.                                            
*At the time of publishing, this comprises: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook client, OneNote, Publisher and Access. The suite (or a subset thereof - depending on device) can be installed on up to 5 Windows PCs/laptops or MACs, plus 5 tablets (Windows, iPad or Android) plus 5 phones (various types supported).    

Important note: When a student graduates, their Office365 functionality - except for Outlook Web App - is withdrawn. If a student leaves the University without graduating (and they have not otherwise graduated from University of Salford at any time since 2011), all their Office365 functionality  is withdrawn. Once Office365 functionality is withdrawn, any underlying stored data files, emails, calendar events, etc. are lost and cannot be recovered.


From 2011, all alumni graduating from the University of Salford  retain their Outlook Web App functionality  and underlying associated data (email folders, etc.).