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Digital IT

Access to support

Assistance with Office365 features

Answers to the majority of Users’ questions relating to Office365  features can be obtained via the help facilities available when using the service  itself. These are reached by selecting File Help within Word,  Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote or, in other places by clicking on the ‘?’ button  on the top-right-hand side the Office365 page.

Forgotten Password/Password Reset

To access the Office365 service, Users need to login using their student email address and Office365 password. A password reset  site is available for Users who forget their password or who otherwise wish to change it (select the ‘Change Your Office365 Password’ option).

Important Note: when a Student arrives at the University, their Office365 password is set to be the same as their general network access password, but if the Student then changes (resets) their Office365 password, this action will not automatically change their general network password. Similarly, changing the network password will not automatically change the same User’s Office365 password.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions are provided on the Office365 FAQ Page.

Service Problems

The quickest way to resolve Office365 queries is usually via the  self-help facilities listed above; however, Users experiencing service faults,  or problems they can’t resolve using self-help, may contact IT Services via one  of the following routes:

  • Phone: 0161 295 2444 (External); Extension 52444  (Internal).
  • The  MyITDesk  portal
  • The IT Drop-in desk (operates 12 noon – 2pm  Mon-Fri except public holidays), located in the Clifford Whitworth Library.