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Digital IT

Username and password

Every member of the University—student, staff and Associate—is assigned a ‘IT account username’ and password, at which point they become registered as IT Users (or simply ‘users’). Depending on the nature of their University membership, a user’s login name and password will allow access to the University campus data network and the various University facilities that are connected to it; for example:

  • University campus PCs, and use basic utility software (like Microsoft Office) and access the Internet;
  • Campus WiFi;
  • University applications such as Blackboard (on- or off-campus).

If you are a Student, your login account details will be communicated to you when you are initially admitted to the university;

If you are a member of staff working directly for the University, instructions on how to register your login account should be given to you as part of your initial induction with the Human Resources Division. Go to the staff login account registration page

If you are employed via an agency, or you have any other relationship with the University, you will need to contact your Line Manager or Sponsor, who will request an Associate IT account for you if appropriate.

Everyone who accesses the University campus data network or connected facilities is bound by the University’s Acceptable Use Policy

About passwords (forgotten, resetting, minimum strength, expiration)
Connecting to campus WiFi and the wired data network (data sockets)
Working from off-campus