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Change of name

If you Change your name...

If you're a Student and have legally changed your name, contact the askUS service in the first instance.

If you're a member of Staff and have legally changed your name, there are several records within IT systems that will need to be updated. Here is what you should do…

  1. Firstly, ensure you inform the Human Resources Division; if you are a directly-contracted member of staff, they will update your Personnel record on the SAP database, which will cause the details on your IT login account to update automatically, and your entry in the telephone corporate directory* to update automatically.          

  2. Contact Digital IT, informing them of your changed details, and:            
    1. Indicate your preference as regards changing your email address (note that email addresses need to conform to the university’s email address policy);                
    2. Tell them if you are employed via an agency, in which case they will need to update your IT account manually;                  
    3. If you have a University phone extension in your name, they will need to update the ‘caller identity’ details for that extension.                  
  3. If you have a University phone extension in your name, you will need to contact the person in your department who is responsible for maintaining the department’s entries in the Staff Directory* (this is not the same as the telephone corporate directory). See the list of staff directory administrators if you are not sure who this is.      

*Note that the Corporate Directory and the Staff Directory are not one and the same: The Corporate Directory is viewed from the screen on IP phones and is maintained automatically, whilst the Staff Directory is viewed via a browser and is maintained manually by designated administrators within departments.