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Under normal circumstances, only directly-employed members of University staff are authorized to request Associate login accounts.  

Associate members of the University include agency staff, contractors, visitors, external examiners and others who are neither student  nor directly-employed staff. Where appropriate, directly-employed university staff may request temporary login accounts for Associate members they are responsible for engaging; i.e., for whom they are Sponsor.

There are various classes of Associate login account; the class is selected as part of the requesting process, based on the type of relationship the Associate has with the University.  Depending on the account’s class, the accountholder will be given access to certain University resources  as standard (for example: campus PCs, personal network storage, Blackboard/Virtual Learning Environment, University email, physical library resources, electronic library resources).

In order to request a login account for an Associate, you must be the Associate’s sponsor.

Requesting Associate login accounts – explanatory notes and warnings:

The Associate Member Request form (only available on-campus) is intended to be relatively self-explanatory; however please note that the Sponsor must confirm, on the form, that they have had site of at least one form  of identification (or ‘joining credential) for the Associate.

Account duration: An Associate login account will become available from the date specified on the request form. The account’s duration may be up to 18 months, after which it will become inactive. The Sponsor may request  an extension to the account’s duration at any time, by contacting the Digital IT Service Desk.

Activation: Once the Associate account’s start date has been reached, the Sponsor will receive an automatic email notification, containing instructions for activation. This  will include a link to the online activation portal. Account activation via this portal must be carried out by the Associate accountholder, not the sponsor.


  1. Much of the information supplied by a sponsor as part of the account request process is required  for legal reasons, therefore it must be accurate and in no way misleading.
  2. During the activation process, the Associate accountholder will be required to select security questions, and to provide answers to them. This is a vital step in the process, because if the accountholder later forgets  their password and contacts the Digital IT Service Desk for a password reset, they will be asked for answers to these questions. If they cannot provide sufficient correct answers, or if the security questions have not been set up, the password will not be reset and the accountholder’s access will be permanently lost.
  3. The accountholder must abide by the Associates IT Access Control Policy