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Digital IT

Licence and Maintenance Agreement Purchase

The cost of all software product acquisitions is normally charged to the requesting department except, possibly, on occasions where unallocated software licences can be sourced within the University.

When a software product is initially purchased, the requesting department will specify whether the licence to use the software is perpetual, or otherwise needs periodic renewal. In addition, there is also the question as to whether a recurrent support/maintenance agreement is required for the product. In any event, where recurrent renewals of licence or support agreement are required, these renewals are managed by Digital IT, in partnership with the University Finance Team. Ahead of each renewal date, budget authorization will be sought from the requesting department; if this is not received sufficiently in advance of the contract cancellation notice period, the licence and/or agreement will be cancelled, and the relevant software product will be withdrawn from service.

When a particular software product is requested for new usage within the University, the product’s terms and conditions of use will be reviewed by the University’s Procurement Team. There is therefore the possibility that the request will be rejected.