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Digital IT

Personal document/file storage (‘F Drive’)

At the point where their IT account is created, students, staff and some Associate members (including agency staff) are allocated a 1-Gigabyte quota of secure, personal document/file storage, which is backed-up daily. This storage area is reachable via the University campus data network, so it can be accessed from any University PC connected to the network, or from off-campus.

From an on-campus Windows PC, this storage appears as your ‘F’ drive; from a MAC, the name of the drive is simply your login username. From off-campus, your personal storage area is accessed via the Remote Access Portal.

Restoring deleted or overwritten files/documents

If you have mistakenly deleted or overwritten a document/file in your personal storage area, you can usually get it back (i.e. restore it); however, you will need to contact the Digital IT Service Desk to request this. It can take up to two business days to restore a deleted or overwritten item. You will need to specify as much information as possible about the lost item, including all or part if its name, and its former folder location.

Quota extensions (Staff only)

Your personal storage area quota is 1Gigabyte by default. Ordinarily, Digital IT are unable to increase this quota, though an increase may be possible by exception (at least temporarily) if there is an adequate business justification. If you believe you have a sound business reason to increase your quota, please email this, as part of your request, to the Digital IT Service Desk.

Students should note that, for the duration of their study, they have access to Microsoft One Drive. This is a ‘cloud-based’ area of file/document storage, offering considerably more space than the personal storage described above. For details, see the Office365 Service Description.