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Digital IT

PC Faults

If you need assistance with general usage of any University PC (e.g., logging in, finding or saving files/documents, using Microsoft Office), or you suspect there’s a fault, you may contact the Digital IT Service Desk. If you phone them during University business hours, they are often able to resolve your issue while you are on the phone.

PC faults—open-access suites, labs and other learning spaces

Most PCs in these areas are automatically monitored for faults via the data network. This monitoring will identify faults with the main unit, but not usually with installed software applications or peripherals such as monitor and keyboard. Digital IT Technicians will respond to any faults detected automatically;  however if you as a user suspect a fault with an Open Access PC, Lab PC or other learning space PC, please do notify the Digital IT Service Desk, who will ensure a Technician is dispatched as soon as possible.

Faults with PCs assigned to individuals or University business functions

These are  not automatically monitored; any faults will therefore need to be reported to the Digital IT Service Desk by the user. Unless the issue can be resolved remotely, a Technician will be dispatched. Note that  it can take up to 2 business days to recover from a critical PC fault;  users should, where possible, identify an alternative PC they can use in the meantime.