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Digital IT

PCs for research projects or commercial use

Information for teams requiring PCs for research or commercial purposes

If you need to acquire one or more PCs for use by a research project or a commercial function, you are strongly advised to select a device from the University's end-user computing product portfolio. Other products can be supplied, but may be subject to significantly longer repair times in the event of faults. Once you know the specification of the device you need, please download and fill-out an End-user computing device (EUCD) request form, then email it to the the Digital IT Service Desk.

Additional Peripherals: The basic peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse) are normally supplied as part of a PC package; however additional peripherals can be supplied separately - refer to the list of available peripherals.

For PCs in this category, there is no automatic process to reinstall the disk image periodically; however a self-service reimage process exists and is updated with a new disk image every 12 months.

Site-licenced software

The University is licenced to deploy certain ‘utility’ software products on any University-owned PCs, by way of site licences. In particular, Microsoft Office products are deployed on University PCs as standard. Depending on the PC’s purpose, further site-licenced products may be included as standard. Certain other site-licenced products may be obtained via the ‘Application Explorer’, which is accessed by double-clicking on the ‘Application Explorer’ icon on PC desktops.