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Digital IT

PCs for individual staff/job-shares

A PC is allocated to each member of University staff (or jobshare) whose role requires it. ‘Staff’ includes University direct employees and those contracted through a third party (e.g., an agency). PCs allocated to staff are of a standard specification. Ordinarily, a desktop PC is allocated  to  a member of staff, though a laptop can be issued if the role requires mobility.

Standard desktop PC specification

Standard laptop PC specification

Typically, staff PCs only need to be requested for new starters, whereafter their allocated PC will be refreshed automatically when it reaches a certain age. Requests for staff PCs should normally come from Line Managers or departmental administration colleagues. If you need to request one or more PCs  for  allocation to individual staff (as their primary device), please contact the Digital IT Service Desk to log your request. Note that the cost of PCs for staff allocation is met from a central fund; it is not charged to the requesting department.

Additional Peripherals: The basic peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse) are supplied as part of the standard PC specification; however additional peripherals can be supplied separately - refer to the list of available peripherals.

Nonstandard Staff PC Requirements: If you need staff PCs whose specifications differ from the standard, this can be accommodated though a written justification will be required as part of the Requesting process. If you need to acquire a nonstandard PC for staff, contact the Digital IT Service Desk to log your request. The cost of a nonstandard staff PC is normally met from a central fund, however the request is subject to approval, based on the justification provided. You will need to include the minimum specification requirements for hardware and software.

Your request will then be reviewed and quotations will  be provided based on a list of hardware and software requirements to match the required unit for the purpose / role. Your case manager will keep you informed of the progress with your request throughout.

Note that Apple® devices are regarded as nonstandard PCs.

Staff needing multiple PCs: A PC cannot be allocated to a member of staff if one has already been allocated.  If your department has a member of staff who needs access to a second PC, you will need to request a PC for Team or Functional Use.

PC upgrades: If a member of staff has a situation where their allocated PC is underperforming, they should log an Incident (fault) with the Digital IT Service Desk,  who will arrange for a Technician to visit and assess the problem. If there is a genuine requirement for an upgrade (as opposed to a repair) this will be arranged without charge to the department. ‘Upgrade’ usually entails an increase in memory (‘RAM’) capacity rather than a complete swap-out of the device, though the device would be exchanged if that proved more economical.

If a member of staff plans to acquire software which they believe their allocated PC will not support, keep in mind that their current PC’s capability will be assessed as part of the software request process.

Software installed on Staff PCs: The University is licenced to deploy certain ‘utility’ software products on any University-owned PCs, by way of site  licences. In particular, Microsoft Office products are deployed on University PCs as standard. Depending on the PC’s purpose, further site-licenced products may be included as standard—see software included with standard staff PCs. Certain other site-licenced products  may be obtained via the ‘Application Explorer’, which is accessed by double-clicking on the ‘Application Explorer’ icon on PC desktops.

PC disk image refresh: For staff PCs, there is no automatic process to reinstall the disk image periodically; however a self-service reimage process exists and is updated with a new disk image every 12 months.