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Digital IT

Configuring staff email on an Android device

1. From the Home Screen, tap the Settings icon:                        

Android home screen settings

2. In the Settings app, tap "Accounts" in the list of settings:                        

Android settings accounts

3. Tap "Add account" at the end of the list:                        

Android settings add account

4. Tap the option for Exchange in the list of available accounts:                        

Android settings add Exchange

5. Enter your email address, then tap the Manual setup text:                        

Android settings Exchange basic

6. Enter your username as your regular network username followed by, enter your password, set the server name as, and then tap Next:                        

Android settings Exchange advanced

7. You may be prompted to allow the server to configure your device - if so, tap OK:                        

Android settings remote security

8. Select what you want to sync (and what date range), then tap Next:                        

Android settings Exchange choose sync

9. Finally you may be prompted to accept certain administration features – tap Activate:                        

Android settings remote admin warning

Important Note: Although this warning states that you are giving the ability to erase all data on the phone, we will not actually do this to your personal device. At most we reserve the right (if we have just cause) to remotely remove your University of Salford email account from the device, along  with  the  University email data.