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Shared distribution lists

An email distribution list is literally a named list of email addresses. When you compose an email, you can enter the name of the list in the ‘To’ (recipients) field; then when you send the email, it will be sent to all the addresses contained in that list.

Although it is possible to create your own private distribution lists (sometimes called Contact Groups) using Outlook, it sometimes makes sense to use shared distribution lists in cases where multiple staff regularly need to send emails to defined groups of recipients. Because of the need for increased control, shared distribution lists are created by Digital IT on request.

If you need to have a shared distribution list created, then once you know all the recipient email addresses you need to include in the list, log this in My IT Desk or send an email to the to request its creation; however, please note:

  • You can use a shared distribution list only when you are sending from a university staff account. The names of all shared distribution lists are included in the Global Address List, which appears when you click on the ‘To’ button in Outlook, or in Webmail (accessed via the Remote Access Portal).
  • Only university of Salford email addresses ( or … can be included in a shared distribution list.
  • You need to decide on a name for your distribution list, however certain naming constraints apply – see the Staff email distribution group-name format guide for details.
  • When you request a new shared distribution list, you will need to specify name(s) of list manager(s). Once the list is created, requests to have addresses added to/removed from the list will be accepted only from a designated list manager.

Adding addresses to/removing addresses from an existing distribution list

The designated list manager should contact the Digital IT Service Desk to have addresses added to or removed from an email distribution list.