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Digital IT

Functional email accounts

It is sometimes appropriate for business functions—e.g., University library—to have email accounts whose addresses look something like ‘’. Accounts of this type are known as functional email accounts. As well as (or even instead of) being used for email, functional accounts are sometimes used to provide shared/departmental calendars, which can be used, for example, as appointment diaries.

A functional email account should be requested by the director, manager or leader of the relevant business function, via the Digital IT Service Desk; however, before requesting a functional email account:

  • Consider which group of university staff will need access to the account (for the purpose of reading and replying to emails, viewing/updating calendars, etc.).
  • Be clear on the purpose of the account.
  • Decide who will be the owner of the account. Once the account is created, requests for changes to the group of University staff who can access the account will be accepted only from the account Owner. The person whose details are provided when the account is requested will be deemed the owner. If a change of account ownership is required, please contact the Digital IT Service Desk
  • Refer to the functional email request format page for guidance on the structure of functional email addresses, then choose an email address for your functional account. Note that it may be necessary to modify your choice later in the process; for example, if it is the same or confusingly-similar to an existing address.
  • Each person who is granted permission to access the functional email account folders/calendar will need to make these visible within the folder pane in their Outlook application—and also within their webmail: see Accessing other accounts from Microsoft Outlook or Webmail.
  • Be aware that your functional account will include a total of 1 gigabyte of storage space for email messages (new and saved), calendar appointments and other relevant information. The person responsible for managing the functional account will need to familiarize themself with email management procedures—including archiving—in order to make efficient use of this storage space.

If, having acquired a functional email account, you find that you are unable to establish a satisfactory archiving arrangement due to the volume of email traffic or other business constraints, please contact the Digital IT Service Desk who will ask you for a short, written business justification for increasing the account’s allocation of storage space.

Adding to/removing from the group of people who can access a functional email account

The account owner should contact the Digital IT Service Desk to add members to, or remove members from the group of staff who can access a functional email account.