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Digital IT

Static/persistent IP address

Fixed IP Address allocation

This service can only be provided to University staff.

When a device connects to the University data network via cable or WiFi, a network address (or IP address) is normally allocated to it automatically. The address that is allocated on one occasion may be different from that allocated on another occasion. However, it is sometimes necessary to ensure that a device is allocated a specific IP address consistently whenever it connects; for example, if the device is interacting with a server or other resource that will only accept connections from certain ‘listed’ IP addresses (for security reasons). A server that serves content via the Internet may also have a fixed IP address.

If you have a device (PC or server) that needs to have a consistent IP address whenever it connects to the network, the first step is to inform the Digital IT. You will then be contacted by a network specialist, who will request certain details about your device. Provided that your request is approved, you will be advised once an address has been reserved for your device.