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This service is available to University students, staff and Associates.

eduroam is a free, worldwide wireless internet service provide by JISC.

This allows users from one participating educational institution to connect to the Internet or to their home institution’s data network, when visiting another participating institution.

A ‘participating’ institution is one whose national educational network provider is set up to allow eduroam use, and whose local data network is equipped with the necessary components.  See the link below for a list of these organisations:

The University of Salford, being a participating institution, is able to allow its own staff, students and Associates to connect to the Internet and to the Salford campus network from any other participating institution.

Visitors to Salford, from other participating institutions, can access the Internet along with their home institution’s network.

Please contact Digital IT for more information and support with connecting to the eduroam service.

Salford Users Visiting Another Institution

Members of the University of Salford can use eduroam only when visiting another organization; however they should prepare their device before travelling

University of Salford members who are not travelling should connect to UoS-WiFi in the usual way; in that case, do not attempt to connect to the eduroam network.

  • If you are a Salford user connecting using Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 please use the setup instructions below to prepare your device before travelling.
  • When you set up your connection initially, you will need to supply your University e-mail address and the password you use to login to University computers. Please ensure you enter the e-mail address correctly, including any letters, numbers and dots.
  • Guides are available for:
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 10
    • For Android, Apple iOS  and OSX, simply connect to the eduroam network and enter your University e-mail address and use your usual login password you use to login to University computers.  Please ensure you enter the e-mail address correctly, including any letters, numbers and dots. If prompted, always accept the certificate/continue.
    • Note: some mobile devices require selection of PEAP/MSChapv2 in order to work.
    • In all instances, you may be required to configure your device to point to the externally signed QuoVadis CA 3 certificate(s).  See the guides above for how to configure this.

Users from Other Institutions Visiting Salford

Information on how to connect to the service should be available from your home organisation.

If you have any issues connecting to the eduroam service please see the Digital IT Service Desk Pages: .

Please visit for more information.

WiFi is available to users throughout all Peel Park, Frederick Road and Media City University buildings and floors except:

Halls of Residence - supplied by CLV.

Technology House - not available.

Campus Map

Also see the Media City campus map

Please see the online interactive campus map web site:

Additionally, full WiFi coverage is now available outside between some buildings, as indicated by the green shaded areas on the map below.  This provides seamless WiFi roaming and improved performance when moving through these outside areas.

WiFi coverage

Members of the University of Salford visiting another institution: If you have followed the above How to connect to Eduroam instructions but are nevertheless unable to connect, contact Digital IT; Please do not contact the organization you are visiting.

Members of other institutions visiting the University of Salford: Support will be provided by your own institution.

Eduroam is a service provided by JISC

A list of the participating organisations and the service they offer is maintained on the Jisc website: