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Digital IT

Teaching Rooms and Open Access Facilities

Audio Visual The University's open access installations now feature an impressive range of equipment and services. Designed to enhance teaching and learning, 'Open Access' interactive technologies are delivered to all designated centrally timetabled pool rooms. These facilities include projectors/screens, digital OHPs, video cameras, PCs, microphones/amplification, lecture-capture equipment, Smartboards and more.

Each teaching and assembly space across the University is fitted with the type of audio-visual equipment that is likely to be needed. If you plan to use a specific space for teaching, or for another event, you can check what equipment is available - select from the appropriate campus below...


Frederick Road

Peel Park

Media City UK

New Adelphi

‘Open Access’ installed interactive technologies are in place in most centrally timetabled rooms. These rooms are generally categorised as: Seminar, Seminar extra and Lecture theatre. Below you can see a brief overview of each room type and a more detailed user guide if you wish to know more.

Seminar Rooms form the majority of teaching space across campus, each offering a PC, internet access, a large projection screen, amplified audio playback and Dry Wipe Boards. Each room is equipped with either an input panel or input cables for use with users' own devices. This room type is designed for smaller class sizes. WiFi is available in these rooms.

Click on the video below to view an example of this  room and its features or download the user guide.

Download a seminar room user guide here

Seminar Extra rooms include the features of  Seminar rooms, plus Smart interactive boards and a Blu-ray DVD player with full HD projection and audio playback, for supporting an engaging teaching style. These rooms are also equipped with additional input cables for use with users' own devices. WiFi is available in these rooms.

Click on the video below to view an example of this room and its features, or download the user guide.

Download a Seminar Extra user guide here

The Lecture Theatre standard is offered in our larger spaces & teaching rooms. These rooms include all the features of Seminar Extra rooms, plus: digital OHPs, large projection or dual projection, audio voice reinforcement—often with enhanced audio playback, Smart interactive  podiums and pens, hearing-impaired systems (must be booked in advance), additional radio microphones and up to 7.1 audio playback. These  rooms  are  equipped with additional input cables for use with users' own devices. WiFi is available in these rooms.

Click on the video below to view an example of this  room and its features or download the user guide

Download a Lecture Theatre user guide here

For most teaching rooms, there are certain items of equipment which, whilst not provided as part of the room inventory, can be booked out; for example, handheld wireless microphones and hearing neck loops. Where required, you can request the loan of such items by completing the Audio-Visual Equipment Booking Form and ticking the appropriate box on the Top up section. The requested equipment will then be delivered to your teaching space at the specified time, and collected when your event has finished.

Installed equipment is available for use at any time, provided you have arranged access to the space itself. If you find any problems with the equipment, you can contact the Digital IT Service Desk during business hours—see Response Times.

If you are organizing an event such as a conference or a high-profile meeting, which needs dedicated Technician support, see Event Support.

The use of equipment is restricted to University staff, except where a space is specifically designated for use by students, or where the Student is working under the supervision of a member of University staff.

For lectures and other timetabled teaching events on a University campus, a Technician will attend the event location within fifteen minutes from the time* when the fault was reported to the Digital IT Service Desk. In most cases, the Technician is able to resolve the fault within minutes, possibly by replacement with temporary equipment; however, there may be occasions where it is not possible to resolve the fault before the event closes.

*Technicians can be dispatched no earlier that 0800h, and no later than 1700h, on university business days only.

All centrally-owned teaching spaces at the University are continually checked and maintained. We review all of our teaching spaces and perform monthly checks during teaching periods, with visual signage detailing rooms' status. In addition, we undertake an annual detailed inspection of each space. Furthermore, remote monitoring helps us to proactively maintain each room's audio-visual facilities: for each room this shows the live status of equipment, and replicates users' controls so we can assist remotely and quickly in response to urgent calls. In the unlikely event that you do notice a fault please call the Digital IT Service Desk.

Take a look to see if your query is answered by one our FAQs

Do Digital IT supply dongles (cable adaptors) for portable devices?

No, there are many adaptors and devices on the market and these constantly evolve. Rooms are equipped with the universally standard input cable types or wall input plates. You will need to bring the necessary adaptor to allow your device to be used in the room. We do not provide an emergency service to supply a forgotten dongle.

What do I do if an Audio Visual system fails to start up?

It’s possible that the previous user hasn’t shut down the AV system correctly—please attempt an off & on cycle by following the user guides, and if the problem persists, contact the Digital IT Service Desk.

What screen resolutions can be displayed on the data projector?

Our current portable data projectors can display any resolution up to 1024x768, 1280x800 & 1920x1080. These are listed room-by-room on the booking request page.

Can I loan top up equipment used in teaching rooms out of hours?

Yes, however we will arrange a drop off and collation time between 0830h and 1615h on university business days. You must collect and return the Audio Visual within the agreed time and keep it secure. A technician will negotiate the time per booking; it is your responsibility to return equipment, and to comply with the agreed terms and conditions.

Do Digital IT supply Laser Pointers or Presenter Prompters?

We don’t provide these, however you can purchase them via your own finance office—they are relatively inexpensive items. As these items change from time to time, we don’t advise any one particular model. Our University suppliers can supply these, search under ‘Presenter’.