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Digital IT

Help and support

helpTraining is available for Audio-visual equipment users who wish to gain a more thorough understanding of how to operate the equipment.

Trained users usually find they are able to lead or support events without the distracting delays and pauses often caused by unfamiliarity with equipment. The result is a much improved flow and a more positive experience for the event audience.

We can deliver an AV Workshop for you and your colleagues (max 6 people, 3 or 4 is better) or one-to-one sessions wherever it suits. Please email Staff Digital Skills to book. The core workshop covers the operation of basic AV equipment. Additional training and support is available, covering various types of lecture capture tool. Please visit the Staff Development web pages for details.

For information relating to blended learning technologies please visit our Learning Technologies webpage.

Take a look to see if your query is answered by one our FAQs

Do Digital IT supply dongles (cable adaptors) for portable devices?

No, there are many adaptors and devices on the market and these constantly evolve. Rooms are equipped with the universally standard input cable types or wall input plates. You will need to bring the necessary adaptor to allow your device to be used in the room. We do not provide an emergency service to supply a forgotten dongle.

What do I do if an Audio Visual system fails to start up?

It’s possible that the previous user hasn’t shut down the AV system correctly—please attempt an off & on cycle by following the user guides, and if the problem persists, contact the Digital IT Service Desk.

What screen resolutions can be displayed on the data projector?

Our current portable data projectors can display any resolution up to 1024x768, 1280x800 & 1920x1080. These are listed room-by-room on the booking request page.

Can I loan top up equipment used in teaching rooms out of hours?

Yes, however we will arrange a drop off and collation time between 0830h and 1615h on university business days. You must collect and return the Audio Visual within the agreed time and keep it secure. A technician will negotiate the time per booking; it is your responsibility to return equipment, and to comply with the agreed terms and conditions.

Do Digital IT supply Laser Pointers or Presenter Prompters?

We don’t provide these, however you can purchase them via your own finance office—they are relatively inexpensive items. As these items change from time to time, we don’t advise any one particular model. Our University suppliers can supply these, search under ‘Presenter’.