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Digital IT

Security incidents

An information security incident is an actual or possible breach of the University's security policies and can include:

  • Inappropriate or offensive Internet use;
  • Lost or stolen laptop, smart phone, memory stick or other IT equipment;
  • Harassment by email or web abuse;
  • Hacking or virus transmission;
  • Log-in misuse and password sharing;
    Unauthorised access to or disclosure of information.

Report any concerns to Digital IT. The report is passed to the University IT Security Emergency Response Team (ITSERT) who respond to and manage investigations into information security incidents and ICT Acceptable Use Policy breaches.

ITSERT will deal with all reports in strictest confidence, sharing information only with individuals who need to be involved in the investigation. All information and investigation material will be stored securely.

All investigations are handled in line with the University's Acceptable Use Policy, and with relevant legislation. In some cases, requests for investigation may require completion of an ITSERT Investigation Authorisation form

You should always report your concerns because misuse could damage the University network, be illegal or have a negative impact on the University's reputation. All of these can have a negative effect on your studies or job with the University. By reporting your concerns, you are providing the best opportunity to prevent any recurrence and to limit damage to the University.