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Digital IT

Quick tips

  1. Don't be panicked into making rash decisions when responding to emails - stop and just think whether it is sensible, or whether this would happen in 'real life'  
  2. Use email and the internet safely and resist your curiosity. Be cautious of items from unknown sources or even suspicious links from trusted sources. When in doubt, chuck it out!  
  3. Choose strong passwords.  
  4. Protect your device by having up-to-date security software and operating system patches.  
  5. Make sure you know what ICT use is allowed and what is prohibited. There are sanctions if you breach the security policies.  
  6. Stay informed. Improve your security awareness by reviewing the external websites that we've bookmarked:
    - The UK Government-sponsored Get Safe Online website
    - The UK Government Cyberstreetwise website and Youtube channel
    - Microsoft's Safety and Security Centre website.  
  7. Review information on our webpages. If you've still got a question, contact Digital IT