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Prohibited Internet Access

The University ICT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) contains common sense rules about use of the University ICT facilities which will protect and preserve the facilities for all users. The AUP prohibits and blocks access to websites and content that are illegal or are categorised as obscene/tasteless; hate and discrimination; malicious content such as virus and spyware, as well as illegal download or upload of copyright protected material using peer 2 peer filesharing.

Copyright infringements (downloading or uploading copyrighted material without the copyright owners permission) constitute theft. It is illegal and therefore affects the University reputation. For more advice on copyright issues go to . Using torrent or other peer-2-peer filesharing to download or upload illegally obtained copyright protected material may result in: being disconnected from the University ICT facilities; and having to pay a £100 AUP reconnection fee.

Where there is a justified University business need for an individual to access prohibited websites / material, this can be supported. Please complete and submit the Prohibited Internet Access form to Digital IT. The form gives clear instruction on the completion and authorisations, as well as advice required.