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Digital IT

Account & password

You are responsible for all ICT activity that takes place under your username, so protect it with a password and follow these tips:

  • Passwords must be at least nine characters long  
  • Your password must use a mix of different characters, i.e. numbers, capital letters, lowercase letters.
  • The use of special characters and punctuation is encouraged but not mandatory.
  • Make sure you can remember it, but that no-one else can guess it. Try using the first letter of each word in a memorable saying, phrase or even a sentence e.g. 'My favourite time of the year is summer' makes the password: #Mft0ty1S#
  • Change your password at regular intervals, as any password can be cracked if given long enough. Guidance on how to reset your password is described within the IT Accounts service description. Options are available to change your password from within the campus and if you're off-campus.
  • Do not select the save password option in applications - it means your account could be misused, making any misuse your problem.
  • If you think your account may have been compromised, and you've already changed your password, email to notify the Digital IT team of your concerns.
  • Lock your workstation or logout if you need to leave it, even if only for a few minutes. Press Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys and select Lock Workstation or Logout.

Help! I've disclosed my password

If you have disclosed your password or think your account has been compromised, change your password immediately. You can do this by..

  • Pressing Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys, select Change Password option, then following the on-screen instructions;
  • Calling Digital IT on 0161 295 2444
  • Going to a Library Service Desk with your ID card and requesting a password change.