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Digital IT

Student self help

We've created a self-service password reset utility for your Office365/University Email and IT Account. So if you've forgotten or want to reset your passwords to something more personal, you can do this by selecting the hyperlink and entering some personal identification details student password reset page.

Your student self service PIN is used to access systems pertaining to your student record, e.g. for registering for a course, transferring to another, submitting a PMC or changing your contact details.

If you don’t know your current PIN, you can request a reminder.

Office365 is a Microsoft® service, providing each University of  Salford student with access to a University email account, collaboration and organizing tools, file storage, web tools and Microsoft Office applications online.

The University's Office365 licence also entitles active students to a free of charge device-installable versions, that can be downloaded onto up to 5 personal devices.

Please review the Office365 service description to learn more about the additonal features.  

Access the online service at

We’d recommend that you update your Email/Office365 password to something more personal and memorable at your earliest opportunity. The easiest way to update your password is to visit the self-service password reset utility.

The University’s software licenses enable students to install some software on their personally owned devices.
Students can download software for their personal devices from the student software portal.

If you prefer to use a self-service channel to initiate Help & Support, you can do this via My IT Desk.

My IT Desk enables electronic access to the IT Case Management system, providing you the opportunity to log and track IT cases. Regardless of the support channel you've chosen to log an individual case, all cases will be visible in My IT Desk.

If your unfamilar with My IT Desk, further information is available within the Service Desk section of the website. Alternatively if you've used it before, you can log into My IT Desk using your IT Account username and password.