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Digital IT

Service desk introduction

We’re a small IT Service Desk with just 6 analysts, we should be your first point of contact for most IT issues. We’re here to help you and will do this in the best way we can, this might be to resolve your issue during that first conversation or possibly passing it onto a specialist who can.

What you can expect from us…

1.A friendly voice, who introduces themselves and is ready to help
2.That we’ll always log a case, this might be an Incident or a Request and give you a reference.
3.A series of questions to try and clarify the reason for the call and its impact and urgency.
4.We’ll assign a priority and tell you what it is.

In return you’d make our job easier if…..

1.You contact us via telephone, if your reason for contact has a significant impact or is urgent.
2.If you’re a using a university asset, have the asset reference at hand.
3.You introduce yourself and explain clearly the reason for contacting us.
4.You explain the impact of an issue.
5.You explain why something is urgent or if there’s a deadline.
6.If you’re new, try reviewing the Getting Started area of our webpages first.
7.Check the Self Help areas of our webpages as automated solutions may already exist.