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Digital IT

IT jargon

Case - a job, either an Incident or Request thats logged in the IT service Management system

Disk Image - a copy of the entire contents of a PC internal disk drive, concatenated into a single data file. It represents the content of the original disk drive, including both data and structural information. Disk images are used to quickly replicate the disk content of a ‘reference PC’ onto multiple working PCs - for example, within a lab, open access suite, or for staff as and when required. With a disk image, there is no need to install software products individually. Within the University, new versions of disk images are created several times per year, and are deployed on open access, lab, or other PCs as required.

Incident - is the term we use to describe that an error has occurred, or where something doesn’t work the way it is expected to, causing an interruption to a service which affects the user’s productivity. An Incident may also be a failure of a component that has the potential to cause interruption.
Incidents are often referred to as: a fault, an error, a problem, it doesn’t work!

Request - Service Request is used as a generic description for many, varying types of request made to the IT department from users. Many of these Service Requests are actually for small changes – characterised as low risk, frequently occurring, low cost, etc. including information, or advice or access to an IT Service

SLA - An indication of the duration of time that the case you’ve logged will be completed within.