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Digital IT

Drop in support

The IT Drop In service is situated is currently situated in Clifford Whitworth and runs Monday to Friday between the hours of 12-2. The service is to provide help and guidance to staff and students that may have issues with their own device or IT services offered by the University.

We can offer students and staff the following: -

  • Assistance with Software setup, troubleshooting  and general advice
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Connecting equipment to the University network,  including Wi-Fi
  • Mobile device setup
  • General hardware advice
  • Printing Issues
  • General Advice

Please ensure if you are bringing portable / mobile  equipment you also bring the power supply.  

Please note: If  the fault is an actual hardware fault (where something needs replacing) and is  on non-University owned equipment, we will only be able to provide  recommendations.

Service Support

The service is aimed at requests that  can be dealt with quickly to ensure all customers who attend can be served. If  it is identified that the query will take significant time to resolve, a  technician will make an appointment to see the customer at an appropriate time.

Please note we do not have the facility to  store your personal data, so it is your responsibility to ensure all your  personal and important files are backed up. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or corruption of data which may occur.

You must  agree to the following terms and  conditions before we can look at your device:

  • You are required to bring your Staff/Student ID  Card to access the service. Without a valid Staff/Student ID Card we will not be able to help.
  • The Drop In Desk accepts no responsibility for  any loss or damage of data incurred during any repair, configuration or installation of software in your device. Please make sure you make copies of  important data and remove removable media from your devices.
  • We do not offer loan laptops, tablets or phones.  If access to your device is vital then we advise that you make alternative arrangements.
  • We can only install software for which you can  present the installation media and demonstrate proof of license. This includes Operating Systems and common software applications such as Microsoft Office.
  • If during the course of a software install, data  retrieval, virus removal or similar activity there is suspicion that the device contains illegal or illicit data, the matter will be referred to the University’s IT Security Coordinator, who may request the device for further  investigation.