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Digital IT


Students, staff and Associates can establish a WiFi connection by configuring their personal or University-allocated device just once. Thereafter, the device should connect automatically whenever they enter a University WiFi coverage area.

Please see the following page for more information:

The campus WiFi ‘SSID’ (the network name as it will appear on your device’s list of available WiFi connections) is:


The setup procedure you need to follow depends on the type of device you are connecting—select from the list below.

If you have any issues connecting to UoS-WiFi please contact the Digital IT to request support.

If you are an external visitor we have a guest wireless network.

WiFi-Guest (Sky - for guests and visitors ONLY)

Guests and visitors can connect to WiFi-Guest SSID, provided by Sky Cloud. All users will need to register with Sky on presentation of the login screen, this needs to be done just once.  Note this wireless network is for guests and visitors ONLY.  Should you connect internally by accident and this causes issues where you may not have access to internal University of Salford applications and resources, please see the 'How to remove WiFi-Guest' guide below.

If you have any issues connecting to WiFi-Guest all calls should be logged with Sky directly and not via Digital IT.

Sky’s help pages are

However, if you visit Salford regularly, it may be appropriate to set up Associate access.

If you're a visitor from another academic institution you should connect to eduroam.

If you are a University of Salford staff member and wish to connect to eduroam and visit other institutions, please visit the following page and select eduroam for more information:

Salford University participates in Eduroam.

Eduroam is a free, worldwide wireless internet service provide by JISC, allowing users from one participating educational institution to connect to the Internet or to their home institution’s data network, when visiting another participating institution. Further information is described in the Eduroam service description.