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Digital IT organisation

Digital IT organisation

Steve Harrison

Head of Applications and Programme Management Office

The team is responsible for the application lifecycle management of the numerous business applications in use across the organisation. This list of applications covers both 3rd party and bespoke developed applications, along with any associated systems integration.  Furthermore responsible for the full project lifecycle management of the complete portfolio of ITS led projects.

Wayne Tomkinson

Head of Data Centres & Operations

The Operations Team is made up of 3 main areas:

The Compute & Storage Team provisions, supports and manages the servers that the applications are running on and manages staff email and corporate databases for the University.

The Data Centre Team control the Data Centre environment, manage the data backups and restore requests and resolve around 75% of the cases logged with Operations.

The Network and Telecoms Team support and manage all the IP Telephony systems, wireless and wired network across the campus, the Data Centre and wide area networks.

Other responsibilities covered by the Operations Team include IT Security, IT Asset Management, Desktop & Laptop refresh, IT Disaster Recovery and Solution design.

Angus Rae

Head of Desktop & Audio Visual Services

The Desktop and Audio Visual Team comprise of 3 main areas:

Software Support who ensure software is distributed to all Staff and Student areas PC’s and Mac’s on all University Desktop architecture, and evaluate hardware changes and request to ensure the software provision is fit for purpose and compliant with the licensing agreements advised by Finance Division. Centrally managed support and diagnostics, reporting on software utilisation

Audio Visual Services support all Audio visual in Teaching rooms, Open Access Areas, Teaching Areas and meeting rooms, in addition provide support and equipment for Conference and Events across all areas and locations of the University.  

Desktop Support for all University Desktop devices and local software, Conference and Events, staff and student support, Drop In Desk, Immediate Assistance for Teaching

Other key areas of responsibly are Teaching PC and Mac replacements, School’s Liaison, Supplier Management for Desktop Services, Support for IT elements for bespoke AV and Desktop requests, University key event support.