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Static Retrospective

Bridget Coderc


During my last year of university, I grew a strong interest in performance and video art. Through my work I anticipate questioning the themes of emotional experiences, memory and the body. Usually my ideas come from personal experiences or from psychological theories and I use self-portraiture and low-fidelity technology to develop them.

Static Retrospective
explores how one can acknowledge what is suppressed within them. Drawing on Sigmund Freud’s theory of the unconscious, my project ventures into the themes of change and frustration that have been triggered by a fragment of memories from my childhood. The projection of the archived VHS video from the early 2000s portrays a dance class which inspired me to become a dancer. This recorded moment made dance central to my early life.

I use the video now to try to relearn the dance and reclaim this position of power. But I can't re-enact the past and the constant interruption and layering of the video expresses my dissatisfaction - my inability to articulate myself through the medium. This video is a performance of the struggle to become consciously congruent.