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Shithouse Poetry

India Rose Booth


'Shithouse Poetry' is an anthropologic cultural study into the language used within toilet graffiti. My research has been collected from toilet cubicles within pubs, bars and clubs across Greater Manchester. Using my findings, I have transformed the anonymous language into various new narratives. With a common influence from modern internet and meme culture, I have re-imagined how we view and understand toilet graffiti by transforming the language into visual motivational trending internet images, popular wall art and contemporary artwork. My project explores the conceptual meaning, dark humour and irony of both the cultural and social aspects of toilet graffiti and its relationship with memetics.

My project consists of poster images, using typography and re-imagined stock imagery. An A5 zine which features personal idiosyncratic narratives from external and unreliable stimuli, and an interactive QR code which can be used to navigate to a frame animation about the ideologies behind toilet graffiti and the formation of language used within it.