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In 2019 photography shapes every aspect of our lives. Photographs tell us what to eat, what to wear, how to remember, what friendship looks like, what success is, what we should think about. Photography does these things so subtly and so well that we tend to ignore that it is doing them. And when we do think about it, and realise just how profoundly photography influences our lives, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that it is a negative influence - to mistake the medium for the message.

But what if instead we embrace the ways that photography is intertwined with everything we do and harness its power to express our experience of the world today? And what if we ask more interesting questions about what photography can do and the messages it can send... How can we photograph the fragility of memory? How can we photograph mental illness without slipping into cliché? How can photography enable us to move past loss or fear or anxiety? How can photography challenge sexist censorship? How can photography communicate ten seconds of communal ecstasy?

Our 2019 Degree Show is a celebration of the potential of photography and the achievements of this year's graduates from the Photography programmes at the University of Salford. The wide range of photographic approaches presented here reflects both the individuality of the students and the diversity of the medium today. The show features digital and analogue photography, video, archival research, socially-engaged practice, meme culture, spectrograms; drones, x-rays, retinal scans, 3D models, fashion, sport, art, and more.

(Image: Student work by Kelvin Leeming)

Student profiles

Production; Reproduction - Alexia Jade Croft

Miscellaneous Memories - Hannah Cleary

Unthriftiness - Poppy Leigh Welch

Unsuitable for Road use - Emma Dodd

All I Know Is Not Myself - Amber Sunderland

22 Metres Deep - Sian Doyle

Consumed by Nature - Ellie Lloyd

Wabi-Sabi - Sophie Clarke

Static Retrospective - Bridget Coderc

Untitled. - Katrina McKinlay

My own Ophelia - Mary Zavou

See.You.Next.Tuesday - Katie Murphy

Click Click - Troy Harvey

Neverland - Eleanor Sumner

Circle Of Light - Emily Houghton

Broken Front - Heather Bell

What Makes You Who You Are - Natalie Ellen Whittaker

Shithouse Poetry - India Rose Booth

Unsuitable for Road Use. - Emma Dodd

The Loft - Emily Bryant