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Without Saying Goodbye, Digital Image, 2019

Louise Cunningham




My practice is concerned with the ‘local’, in particular the place where I have grown up. I am fascinated and inspired by my cultural heritage. I explore my identity and that of my community through multidisciplinary and multisensory approaches. The themes within my work stem from the personal, yet have wider implications, including representations of the working-class, industrialisation and human-landscape relationships.

My current practice examines the last industrial mill in the village which has recently been knocked down. Before its demolition I worked extensively on the site using a combination of responsive techniques; collecting found objects, photography, performance and video. Through this project I am mapping both my own history alongside that of the working-class community through both an autobiographical and political investigation. 

A large part of my practice involves photography. I am currently experimenting with slow shutter speed photography. For me the blurred image acts as a metaphor for fading memories, representing the voids of space created due to the removal of a village’s past, as well as the confusion and uncertainty of a landscape in flux.